Play Three Fun Roulette Titles At Beacon Bingo

Before we get started with letting you know about the three great roulette game titles you can play at Beacon Bingo we do want to let you know that this site has a friendly little guy who talks quite loudly when you visit the site. For those of you who sneak the occasional game at work, you may want to turn down your speakers. No need to get caught out sneaking a roulette break on company time when the British guys voice starts talking up some awesome promotions. That, or plug in some ear pods so you can take advantage of the many promos on offer. However, now on to the roulette wheels.

You Can Play Three Roulette Titles At Beacon Bingo


You have the choice of playing Video Roulette and Mini Roulette or a roulette style wheel game called Wheel of Light. Although not traditional roulette at its purest, we absolutely love the game play and wagering on Wheel of Light. Our next favorite is the Mini Roulette title, followed by Video Roulette. However, don’t take our preference of order of the roulette games turn you off to the Video Roulette. We play it just as much as the other roulette titles at Beacon Bingo. It’s just we always play Wheel of Light first, then Mini Roulette, and then Video Roulette. We never can visit the site without playing all three – we may be a bit obsessed with roulette. But, that’s a good thing, no? Yes!

What Other Games Can I Play At Beacon Bingo

Well, there’s 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, but we really like the casino games more than the bingo ones so we will give you the most info on the casino action. You can also play Blackjack, Keno GTS, Deal or No Deal Classic, and Hi Lo Silver. You might also like to wager on Donkey Derby or Risk it or get into the action with some Scratch Cards or progressive slots. The newest games on this site are Captains Treasure, Great Blue, Lotto Madness, Fireworkz Blitz, Mr Cash Back and Dr Love More. You can see the full complement of game titles in the Beacon Bingo roster by clicking the game previews. The site also has a great section of Feature Slots that we highly recommend you visit between the roulette wheel wagers you’ll be posting.