Get Big Rewards With Friend Referrals In November

This November is a great time to take advantage of refer a friend programs at your favorite online roulette casinos. Many sites make this a seamless process for you, by having a ready made program in place where you simply have to use an online form. In order to check for an online form, you will typically go to your favorite casino and look under the ‘Promotions’ tab of the site. Some sites do have a dedicated tab for their referral programs. If you see this, go there, then just follow the prompts to learn about the program on your favorite roulette casino.

How Do Online Refer A Friend Forms Work

If your favorite roulette casino has an online friend referral program, then they are likely to have a form that you submit to invite your friends to play roulette. These forms will typically ask you to input your own name and email address, as well as that of your friend. In many cases, that is all you do and then submit the form. An invitation offer is generated to your friend and it will show that you initiated the contact. In some casinos you can also add a brief personal message, and if this is an option it is a good idea to do so. This alerts your friend that the message is not spam, so personalize the message if you can.


How Else Can I Refer Friends Online To Play Roulette

If your site does not have an online form, they may have a referral code link. Some online roulette casinos have both options. To use a refer a friend link you typically just copy and paste code into your email. However, the email has to be set up for HTML coding, or the link won’t work. You should only use referral links with friends, and not post them in public forums or you could be booted from the forum for spam. These links are not personalized, so you have to tell your friends about the roulette games at the casino, and then let them know if they click the link they can accept your bonus invitation. Many people prefer link invites because they don’t end up in the trash as spam as often as the site generated ones which are often flagged by email filters as spam even when they aren’t.