Play Fun Online Fairway Casino Roulette Games

Fairway Casino is on online casino that is owned and operated by live platform developer Visionary iGaming The casino is managed in San Jose, Costa Rica where the dealer studio and game feeds originate from. VIG CEO, Marty Reiner was formerly the CEO of Vuetec before starting his own operation in 2008. That’s four solid years of performance in online casino operation for Reiner.

The games are all available in free or fun play mode with no need to deposit funds or even register a playing account to try it out. This is especially great if you are new to online gambling and you don’t want to commit your information to a site just to try out the games. Read on to learn more about this fun online gambling venue where you can play.

The graphics are very realistic and makes the player feel like they are sitting at a real blackjack table with a real live dealer. The games are conducted, video captured and webcast from a dealer studio, so you have the actual feel of a real casino roulette table experience. It is nice that Fairway Casino offers streaming live roulette games because you feel like you are sitting at a real casino roulette table. They also offer Irish Roulette which is streamed from Dublin, Ireland.


At Fairway Casino, roulette games, players can bet on any number from 0-36 for European roulette and in American roulette you have the additional bet option of 00. There are a variety of bet options in the game of roulette; Straight-up, Split, Street, Corner, Five Number, Line, Column, Dozen, Red/Black, Odd/Even and

1-18/19-36. The bet options are listed in decreasing payout order. If you bet straight-up on a number your winnings are 36:1 or 35:1, which pays the highest payout. The lowest payout is 1:1, when you bet on black/red or odd/even. The 1:1 bets are great options if you are new to roulette or you want a close to 50% chance of winning.

Fairway Casino offers both new and veteran Roulette players a variety of fun and entertaining Roulette games to play for real money and practice. Since Fairway Casino can easily be played on your computer via downloadable software, you can play your favorite Roulette games easily. Roulette players will not get bored and will have hours of fun and challenge at Fairway Casino.