Play Fun Online Bogart Casino Roulette Games

Bogart Casino is an online casino which offers players a live dealer game using DGS software. They are based in Costa Rica where regulatory controls and the ways that players can dispute resolutions are weak. So if you ever have a dispute about our winnings, it may be more challenging to come to a resolution. Read on to learn more.

Bogart Casino has a Casablanca theme as it was named after the famous Humphrey Bogart. There is cool animation and sound. Registered users can get help via a live chat if you have any questions. Bogart Casino offers various languages such as Russian, Spanish, and French, in addition to English.

Bogart Casino’s technology provides players with a live computer generated dealer. The graphics are not as realistic as other European or Asian based platforms, but it’s better than just being dealt cards out of the thin air. Since the live games are browser based, there is no need to download software. Bogart Casino is one of the only live casinos that offers live dealer free play, which is a nice feature if you are new to Roulette and want to practice before committing real money.


Bogart Casino offers both American and European roulette. The object of roulette is to guess which number, color, or section the ball will land on after the dealer has spun the ball. The difference between American and European roulette is that American roulette has a single zero and American roulette has a single and double zero. As a player you have slightly better odds playing European roulette, because there is one less number you have to consider when betting. Like with most table games, having a great dealer can help you win more often. Having a live dealer is especially nice because you are not relying on a computer to randomly pick the winning number. Live dealers can provide a consistent spinning of the ball which can help you better predict which number the ball will land on.

Bogart Casino offers both new and veteran Roulette players a variety of fun and entertaining Roulette games to play for real money and practice. Since Bogart Casino can easily be played on your computer via downloadable software, you can play your favorite Roulette games easily. Roulette players will not get bored and will have hours of fun and challenge at Bogart Casino.