Dublin Bet Casino Roulette Games

Dublin Bet is an online casino is owned and operated by UK based live platform via Vuetec Ltd. They specialize in streaming visions from actual casinos which provides players will a very realistic gaming experience. Dublin Bet was Vuetec’s first online casino, which was launched in 2006. They operate under the license and regulation of the Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission.

Unfortunately players from the U.S. are not able to play at Dublin Bet Casino. The U.S. has stricter guidelines for online gambling, so not all casinos allow U.S. players. With the exception of players in the U.S., players can bet in any denominations from $5-$200.

The live roulette game is very realistic. Players feel like they are sitting at a roulette table and you can see your dealer spin the ball and call no more bets.


Dublin Bet offers only the European roulette version. European roulette only has one zero, so you can bet on numbers 0-36. As a player, you have slightly better odds playing European roulette, because there is one less number you have to consider when betting. This is a very popular game option for roulette players online with ample betting options to help you learn better strategy over time with game play.

There are a variety of bet options in the game of roulette; Straight-up, Split, Street, Corner, Five Number, Line, Column, Dozen, Red/Black, Odd/Even and

1-18/19-36. The bet options are listed in decreasing payout order. If you bet straight-up on a number your winnings are 36:1 or 35:1. Betting on red or black to hit will win you 1:1; however if zero or double zero hit, you lose your bet. It’s always a good idea to place a split bet on the zero or a straight-up bet on the zero in European roulette if you are only going to bet red or black. Just ensure you red/black bet wager is more than your zero bet wager so you win money and don’t break even.

Dublin Bet Casino offers both new and veteran Roulette players a variety of fun and entertaining Roulette games to play for real money and practice. Since Dublin Bet Casino can easily be played on your computer via downloadable software, you can play your favorite Roulette games easily. Roulette players will not get bored and will have hours of fun and challenge at Dublin Bet Casino.