Play Fun Online Dafabet Casino Roulette Games

Dafabet is an online casino which was founded in 2004. Their software is powered by Playtech and the casino is licensed in the Philippines. There is no download needed so players can play anytime, anywhere even without the casino software. Dafabet Casino is mainly focused on Asian players and doesn’t allow players from the U.S. to register or play. However, there are many other jurisdictions that are legal to play this international gaming site.

The casino offers its players live streaming games with both Asian and European dealers for live Roulette. The casino offers a live interactive chat option so that you can talk to the dealer. This casino has a real Asian flair and offers a nice selection of roulette games for players.

It is nice that Dafabet Casino offers two roulette options. The difference between American and European roulette is that American roulette has a single zero and American roulette has a single and double zero. As a player you have slightly better odds playing European roulette, because there is one less number you have to consider when betting.


In both roulette games, players can bet on any number from 0-36 for European roulette and in American roulette you have the additional bet option of 00. There are a variety of bet options in the game of roulette; Straight-up, Split, Street, Corner, Five Number, Line, Column, Dozen, Red/Black, Odd/Even and

1-18/19-36. The bet options are listed in decreasing payout order. If you bet straight-up on a number your winnings are 36:1 or 35:1. Betting on red or black to hit will win you 1:1; however if zero or double zero hit, you lose your bet. It’s always a good idea to place a split bet on the zero or a straight-up bet on the zero in European roulette if you are only going to bet red or black. Just ensure you red/black bet wager is more than your zero bet wager so you win money and don’t break even.

Dafabet Casino offers both new and veteran Roulette players a variety of fun and entertaining Roulette games to play for real money and practice. Since Dafabet Casino can easily be played on your computer via downloadable software, you can play your favorite Roulette games easily. Roulette players will not get bored and will have hours of fun and challenge at Dafabet Casino.