Play Roulette Games At Crazy Slots Casino

Roulette at Crazy Slots Casino is no longer offered; instead the gaming is now being supplied by Liberty Slots Casino. The Roulette at Liberty Slots Casino is fantastic and fully supported by NextGen gaming technologies. Both American Roulette and European Roulette variants are offered by this casino and are available through the downloadable, full casino suite or through the non-download Flash in browser application. You can play Roulette for fun or for real cash.

Learn About Your Betting Options And Game Play

The minimum bet for Roulette is $1 and the Maximum bet is $100 while the outside maximum bet is up to $300 in both versions of Roulette at Liberty Slots Casino. Games load quickly once a game is selected too. The Roulette table is presented with a wheel in the upper right hand corner of the gaming screen. The virtual table has a red coloring and the numbers in red are more brightly colored than the table so they stand out and are easy to see. The wheel look like the one you would see in an actual casino and betting chips are along the bottommost part of the screen. A box in the upper left corner of the gaming screen indicates the total bet and the total winnings of every completed spin.


Voice Action Makes The Game Better

When the game begins a vocalized voice will ask for you to place your bets. When you spin the wheel the dealer says, “no more bets please,” and when the wheel stops the winning numbers and colors are called out. Winnings are automatically added to your account and losses are automatically deducted. Players can use the rebet feature for future bets to continue playing the same bets again and again or they can clear the bet and start new ones. Players can track numbers and colors that have been previously called too in an effort to find hot and cold combinations. Promotions make things a lot more exciting at Liberty Slots Casino; you can take advantage of a new player bonus of a 100% initial deposit match for additional Roulette gaming fun. Every Friday when making a first deposit, returning players are reward with another matching deposit bonus of 100%. Every Monday, a 75% bonus is supplied to players, and 50% reload offer is given to players for first deposits on Wednesdays too.