Three Tips For Playing French Roulette

These three tips can help you play French Roulette games online at your favorite casinos.

Tip #1 Know The Language Of The Game


Learn some of the French phrases that will be used during the game so that you know what is going on. These include – pair (even numbers), impair (odd numbers), passé (number between 19 – 36) and manqué (numbers between 1 -18). These are just a few of the French phrases you will hear while you are playing and understanding what they mean will enhance your enjoyment of the game.

Tip #2 Learn About La Partage Rules

Take full advantage of the La Partage rule that is unique to French roulette. This rule works when you have placed a bet on an even number and the ball comes to rest in the Zero space. If this happens you will not lose your full bet, only half of it. So if you want to play cautiously you will need to play a bet on at least one even number in order to cover yourself for the ball landing on Zero. The French roulette table only has a single Zero and not a single and double like an American table which also means that your odds of winning are higher than playing other versions.

Tip #3 Make Use Of Outside Betting Strategy

Use outside bets to increase your bankroll while playing French roulette. These are bets that are on even, odd, black, red, 1- 18 or 19 – 36. This may seem like a very slow approach to playing roulette you will find that you are able to slowly build up your bankroll over time and see your winning start backup. The reason for this is that you have a greater chance of winning on these bets, so while you will not win massive amounts you will win more times. A tip like this is particularly useful to any novices who are just starting to play French roulette and who want get more from the game without losing too much on the table.

Where To Play French Roulette Games Online

To play French roulette at home visit 32 Red Casino where you can enjoy this game whenever you like. Roxy Palace also offers this version of the roulette game and you can choose to play for real or for fun to build up your confidence with the game.