American And European Roulette At Manhattan Slots

Many people aren’t clear about the difference between European (traditional) and American roulette. It’s very simple. European roulette wheels and tables have 37 slots: 1-18 black, 1-18 red, and zero. American roulette wheels add a double zero space for a total of 38 slots, which some believe decreases the odds of a win. That is why many players prefer the European version.

You Choose Which Game You Play At Manhattan Slots


Manhattan Slots believes it should be up to the player to decide what odds suit him or her, and offers players a choice between versions in their Specialty Games section, while maintaining the ability to offer grand payouts. What more could you want? Play roulette today.

Manhattan Slots Gets Excited About New Players

Many online gaming venues are competing for new players. Let’s face it, there’s no reason for a player to visit a casino that doesn’t appreciate his or her business. That’s why Manhattan Slots wants to encourage first-time depositors with a 100% deposit bonus on their first 2 deposits, up to a maximum amount of $747. For those players who choose to enjoy table or card games, the 100% deposit bonus for new players goes up to a maximum of $150.

Get Free Casino Money And 24/7 Customer Support

Free money is always a welcome gift! Manhattan Slots offers peerless customer service support, and is certain that new players will find a lot to love about gaming here. Generous jackpots, great action, and a supportive environment are just a few of the reasons people love Manhattan Slots. It’s a great place to play.

Promotions: July’s Continual Bonus, And Weekly Promotions

It really is hot at Manhattan Slots! During the month of July, Manhattan Slots is featuring a permanent 55% Continual Deposit Bonus for roulette players with a special coupon code. This promotion will compound the value of a player’s deposits in a hurry, and every day you don’t deposit is a day you’re missing out on free money! Read on to learn more.

Get In On All Of The Promotional Slots Action At This Site

Special Promotions rotate regularly at Manhattan Slots, so don’t miss out on a super offer. Manhattan Slots runs weekly promotions Monday-Wednesday to round out the week, and the rewards and jackpots are always changing. Stop by for a relaxing spin of the wheel, and take advantage of super promotions.