Play Mini Roulette At Paddy Power Bingo

Many online bingo halls offer a version of mini roulette that is worth checking out. If you love playing traditional roulette games you will likely enjoy the offering of mini roulette from Paddy Power Bingo. Read on to learn more about this site.

Registered Members Get Lots Of Perks At Paddy Power


Members of Paddy Power Bingo have the chance to play casino games, bingo and side games whenever they want. One of the most well known casino games that is on offer on this site is Mini Roulette which is an electronic version of regular roulette. Play roulette online will give you a fantastic gambling experience without having to leave your own home.

You Must Deposit Before You Can Cash Out Here

To play the game and win cash you need to be a depositing player and place bets before you spin the wheel. To place a bet you can move through the chip denominations and click on the size of bet you wish to place. Once you have done this you need to click on the area of the roulette table where you would like to place your bet. If you want to bet more money on the same area just click more than once.

Wager And Play For Easy Wins At Paddy Power Bingo

As soon as you have placed your bet you need to spin the roulette wheel, so click on the spin button. This will set the wheel in motion and will give you the same kind of thrill that you would get if you were playing roulette in a real-life casino. When the wheel stops the number it rests on will start to flash on the table. If you have won the bet your winnings will be paid directly into your player's account. To place the same bet again click on the repeat button and play the same number on the next game.

Roulette Games At Paddy Power Bingo Collect Bonuses

As you can see playing roulette online is really easy and incredibly entertaining. While you are playing this game you will also be able to collect Star Points which you can then exchange for money that you can use to play on side games bingo. So not only can you enjoy roulette at Paddy Power Bingo, you can also collect points to play other games at the same time.