Play Roulette Games At Paradise 8 Casino

Paradise 8 is on online casino that will give new members extra cash as bonuses to play games when they sign up. These bonuses include - a $10 bonus simply for becoming a new member. This bonus is free and does not require any deposit. Read on to learn about more bonus opportunities.

You Can Claim These Bonuses At Paradise 8


Paradise 8 Casino offers some great bonuses as you continue to get into game play on this fun site. You can claim a first deposit bonus of 300% on any deposit that is up to the value of $300. You can claim a second deposit bonus of 200% on any deposit that is up to the value of 200%. There is also a first deposit bonus of 100% on any deposit there is up to the value of $350 – the second and third bonuses will also give you a $10 chip that you can use the gaming. So, you can get in a lot of free gaming if you are careful about how you claim your Paradise 8 Casino bonuses.

Play Roulette – American And European Roulette Games

With all of this cash to play within your account you will be interested to try your luck at roulette at Paradise 8. On this website you will get the opportunity to play two different versions of the casino favourite roulette. One version is European roulette the other one is American roulette - so what are the differences between the two?

European Roulette Basics For Paradise 8 Casino

When you play European roulette you will notice that there is only one zero and no double zeros. This change means that the player will have an advantage over the house when compared to American roulette. So if you are looking for a game where you will have a better advantage over the house choose the European roulette.

American Roulette Basics For Paradise 8 Casino

There is also a difference in the chips that are played on the two different tables as in American roulette all players will receive different coloured chips. In the European roulette all the chips are coloured the same which means you must remember where you p[laced your bet. However, when you are playing online this is not an issue as the website will remember exactly where you have placed your bets when the game begins.