Download Casino Software For Better Gaming

If you play roulette online frequently, you may want to consider downloading casino software applications rather than using instant play. Roulette gaming is often an add on casino game or found in the “traditional casino games” packages at online bingo halls and casino gambling venues. Many times to get the full range of roulette gaming options you need to download free casino software first. This can be scary with the threat of Trojans, worms and viruses, but really, it’s a pretty safe proposition and you get a much better gaming experience overall when you take the free download at casinos.

Why Instant Play Gaming Is Limited


When you just use the instant browser based play for roulette than many online casino web sites offer, you will usually just get one game option. While it may be an excellent game of roulette, it is also probably one of the lower traffic games. This means if they are running a progressive jackpot it will start smaller than the full casino download roulette versions. So, you limit not only which roulette games you can play, but also how much money you can win on that game through instant play.

Free Downloads Offer More Gaming

With internet based browser instant play there are often limited to less than a 1/3 of the gaming opportunities there are available with a free download. For example, most online casinos offer about 80 games maximum for instant play. However, if you download their casino you can get 300 to 400 games at many online gambling venues. So, while the casino may offer American Roulette on instant play, if you download you can often have access to European Roulette, French Roulette and other roulette gaming variants as well – all on one casino.

Free Downloads Are Safe And Secure

The casino gambling venues want you back. So, they will go out of their way to screen all of the free casino downloads for viruses and spyware. If you download infected files they know you won’t be coming back. So, rest assured that when free downloads are offered you are protected and they are safe to download. Many casino also offer free casino bonuses or slots spins to players who download the casino suite as an incentive as well. So, don’t be afraid of free casino downloads. Instead, embrace the download as a good thing.