Roulette At Millionaire Casino

Roulette at Millionaire Casino comes with great rewards; not only do you get in on some outstanding and thrilling Roulette action, you also can get a 100% bonus on not one, not two, but three of your first deposits into your player account. Weekly bonuses are supplied and you will find the promotions at Millionaire Casino are unrivaled by other gaming sites online.

Realistic Spinning Roulette Wheel And Table

When playing Roulette at Millionaire Casino you are presented with a counterclockwise spinning roulette wheel, a realistic looking roulette table where you can place your bets, and you choose the moment when the wheel spins by clicking on the spin button you are supplied with. You can place a three number bet, a street bet, a two number bet, a split bet, a straight bet, an inside bet, a square bet, a corner bet, a dozens bet, a columns bet, any even/odd bet, an any high/low number bet, any black/red bet, outside bets, and more.


Sign Up For A Player Account To Get Spinning

To gain access to the Roulette at Millionaire Casino gaming options, you will have to create a player account. If you want to play for real money you have to make an initial deposit. You do get free play options too.

Choose Quick Download Or Instant Game Play

You can use the 3.20MB download to install the casino software on your personal computer or you can forego the download and go directly to instant gaming online! The instant gaming access is a Flash based application. If you choose to play for cash, your matching bonus is matched up to $5000.00.

Installation Wizard Makes Download Easy

If you choose to install the free casino download on your home PC, you are provided with a quick installation wizard for ease of install. Follow the guide to install the application. Once installed the program will launch for you and bring you to the virtual lobby where you can choose your personal gaming options.

VIP Program And Rewards Are Worth It

The minute you create your account at the virtual casino you are an instant member of their VIP program too! This will help you earn points that you can turn in for free play at the casino. There are also many special promotions and welcome bonuses available for players at Millionaire Casino. Check it out today.