Keeping Safe In Online Chat Roulette

Online chat roulette casino games are becoming increasingly popular. As with any online pursuit, popularity means that you get a greater variety of players, and unfortunately predators online. So, the following five tips will help you to keep safe when playing online casinos that offer chat roulette games. Read on to learn what you can do to help keep yourself safe in online chat roulette casino venues.

Tip #1: Remain Anyonymous.

Make sure you secure your anonymity with a user name that does not identify you personally. Don’t use your first or last name, or identifying dates like date of birth in your user name. Keep your chatter to anonymous topics or the game. Don’t reveal personal information like where you live or work and you remain the safest from online predators. This is one time when becoming a faceless name or number is to your advantage and can keep you safe in roulette chat games.


Tip #2: Stay On Game Topic.

If you only talk about the chat roulette game, you won’t veer into dangerous subject matter that could have you revealing more than you want people to know. Stick to the matter at hand and comment on the game and you will remain anonymous but polite and entertained without putting yourself at risk.

Tip #3: Remember Less Is More.

You may feel very comfortable with your online roulette roomies. However, unless you’ve met them in person you really know very little about those who share casino chat rooms with you. Tell them little about yourself and stick to the adage that less is more when it comes to revealing personal life details.

Tip #4: Don’t Share Passwords.

Never, ever give out your password to anyone else. This is one of the simplest ways to keep safe on your end. Only you have the password, so only you can login to your account and post chatter under your user name.

Tip #5: Report Suspicious Activity.

If there is a user who is posting chatter that makes you uncomfortable or seems off in some way, don’t hesitate to report this suspicious activity to the chat moderator. You can usually instant message the chat moderator and keep your report anonymous. Be sure to note the chat name of the person you find suspicious so that the customer service staff can track that user’s activity through time.