Chatroulette Isn’t Casino Roulette

There’s been some confusion in online circles between Chatroulette and the game of online casino roulette chat. They are not the same thing. Chatroulette is an online social networking system where people can meet one another randomly. All that players need is a webcam and a microphone attached to their computer. Once they create a login, Chatroulette players are randomly connected with another person around the globe. They can decided to chat together and get to know one another through their webcam images, microphone conversation, or by typing into the chat window. However, there is no actual roulette game play going on. Rather, Chatroulette is a name that gives a nod to the randomness of the wheel based casino game and not knowing where your ball will drop and which person you will be connected to. So, please, do not think that when you go to that you will be finding any casino chat games like roulette. It’s simply not the case. However, roulette chat games and Chatroulette do have a social aspect in common.

Chatroulette Vs Casino Chat Roulette Games

What Chatroulette and roulette casino chat games have in common are social connections. With either, you are able to connect with another player, or players through the computer. In casino chat games you do not have the ability in most cases to see video of the other roulette players. Unlike Chatroulette, you also cannot use a microphone to talk to other players. Instead, with roulette chat game rooms you are limited to typing in responses and chatter to other online gamblers in the room. With Chatroulette you are connected to only one webcam, and in most cases just one person at a time. In casino chat roulette games you can connect with multiple online players at once through the chat window and chat forum. This is where you have roomies, as opposed to a random connection with just one person. With both casino chat roulette games and Chatroulette you can connect with people socially, and sometimes over a common interest. They really don’t have much else in common except similar names. The people you connect with via Chatroulette may have no interest whatsoever in online gambling or the game of roulette – although they may, in fact, be very entertaining. So, if you are looking for online entertainment with roulette games – don’t go to Chatroulette.