Play Roulette At Carbon Poker Today

Roulette may not be the first game to come to mind when you hear that a website is called Carbon Poker, however you can get a really good game of Roulette at this online gambling casino. Roulette at Carbon Poker has some pretty sweet payouts, and a large portion of the players who come there for Poker end up getting in on the Roulette action too.

Playing Roulette At Carbon Poker

The game at Carbon Poker is a wheel with 37 stops and a ball. The ball has a chance of landing on any of the 37 stops, which are numbered non-sequentially. The stops are randomly numbered 0 – 36. The stops are black or white and the 0 stop is green. So, this is a very basic visual experience, common to many online casinos for the Roulette game. You can place your wager on where the ball will land on the wheel by putting your chips to the appropriate corresponding number on the Roulette table that is the same as the number on the Roulette wheel. If the ball lands on your stop, you win. Winnings are paid out based on the multiplier of your bet.


Three Buttons Handle Your Game Play

At Carbon Poker there are three main buttons you need to be aware of to actually play the game once you’ve placed your bet. SPIN is the button that will set the ball in motion and the wheel to spinning. REBET is the button that will replace all the chips from your previous spin in the same stop spot bets at the same amounts you wagered on your previous spin of the Roulette wheel. CLEAR will wipe out your previous bets and selections and let you place a new bet by placing your chips on the Roulette table somewhere other than your previous bet.

How Bets And Payouts Work With Roulette

You can bet using basic Roulette bets. There are inside bets, straight up bets, split bets, line or street bets and corner bets. You can also wager double street bets, outside bets, dozen bets, column bets and even money bets. Carbon Poker’s Roulette game is a full featured table. You can place racetrack bets, orphelins, tiers du cylinder, vosins du zero and neighbour bets. All of the payouts are clearly laid out in a comprehensive table based on your wagering strategy.