Betting In French Roulette

With the game of French Roulette there are many different ways to bet. Each bet covers a different set of numbers and has a different distribution to it. We thought it would be helpful to share some of the ways you can wager in French Roulette so you get familiar with roulette betting terminology. While some of these terms may be familiar, others may be new. Knowing exactly what you are betting on is very important in roulette.

Inside Bets – From One To Six Number Betting

Inside bets can be straight up, split bet, street bet or corner bet. Inside bets can also be line bet. Straight up bets wager a chip on any number including zero and are placed on the number. Split bets wager on two numbers next to each other. You place the chip on the line between the numbers. Street bets cover three numbers and the chip is placed on the roulette table next to the three number row. When you place a corner bet you are covering four numbers, and place the chip on the cross where the four numbers intersect. A line bet covers a total of six number and is composed of two street bets. This means that you are betting on two rows of three.


Neighbor Bets – Choose Up To Four

Neighbor bets cover next door numbers that are located next to each other on the roulette wheel. For example, if you want to wager on number 20 and call a 1 number neighbor bet. You would be betting on the 20 as well as the two numbers to either side of the 20 on the wheel. You can include up to four neighbors in your wager.

Outside Bets – Many Choices To Wager On

Outside bets can be column bets, dozen bets, red, black even, odd high, or low bets. Column bets are on 12 numbers based on the three boxes at the lower end of the roulette table. A dozen bet can be made on 12P, 12M, or 12D. These areas of the roulette board refer to the 1st dozen, 2nd dozen and 3rd dozen. Red, Black Even, Odd High and Low bets refer to 18 numbers. Each bet covers half of the numbers on the roulette table and refer to that section of the table. Dozen, red, black even, odd high and low bets do not include the zero.